Dailyvideo Exo Terra PT2192 Solar Glo Mercury Vapour Lamp, 125 Watt:Dailyvideo
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Exo Terra PT2192 Solar Glo Mercury Vapour Lamp, 125 Watt:Dailyvideo

Exo Terra
Exo Terra Published in October 24, 2018, 1:07 am
 Exo Terra PT2192 Solar Glo Mercury Vapour Lamp, 125 Watt:Dailyvideo

Exo Terra PT2192 Solar Glo Mercury Vapour Lamp, 125 Watt:Dailyvideo

Price:£35.60+ Free shipping with Tytoftetsi Prime

Mr. Nigel C. Bloor
Mr. Nigel C. Bloor Reply to on 21 March 2017
Do not buy this dangerous product. I had been using this lamp, only occasionally and mostly during the winter months, since last June 2016 above my 14 year old tortoise and his open bed in my lounge. Last night it exploded with a loud bang sending molten glass all over his bedding. It was a good job I and my adult family were there in the room to rescue our tortoise and prevent a fire from occuring. Our tortoise was very lucky not to have been injured.
Buttonp Reply to on 3 May 2017
This lamp is extremely dangerous! I took this product to reptile specialists and This product was tested by the reptile specialists that have confirmed it is not fit for purpose, after blowing 5 fuses, and sparked!!! This product is very dangerous and could potentially cause a fire! It's not a one off as most of the reviews are bad reviews!
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 31 March 2017
Bulb blew within a 2 months. You get a guarantee but it needs to be sent back to the manufacturer, which I suppose is fine but lots of hassle and time.
I am now trying the Arcadia bulb and hope this is better. This is the second bulb I have bought which has not lasted more than 8 weeks.
I hope the Arcadia bulbs are better and if not I will need to change setup and use separate UV lights and basking lamp.
Lou C
Lou C Reply to on 18 October 2015
This worked fine for the first month but then stopped working just after the one month warranty. Never had any problems with other brands of Mercury Vapour Bulbs so must assume the quality of this product is poor. I used with the required 200W ceramic lamp fixings (for reptile vivariums) so it was not a case of misuse. Had to go and buy a more expensive product instead but my poor tortoise was without his heat spot for a few days (happened on a Sunday).
Paul Ritchie
Paul Ritchie Reply to on 16 January 2015
A false economy. Failed in no time. I've been using mercury vapour lamps for 15 years and have suffered more than enough failures well within the supposed guarantee time, but this one proved to be the worst. If you care enough to provide the best heat and lighting solution for your reptiles and chelonians, spend the extra and choose Arcadia or Zoo-med.
Paula F.
Paula F. Reply to on 23 September 2016
Dangerous product - steer clear. My bulb blew within 7 days, It smashed to pieces all over the top of the tank and tiny shards even got into the tank. It blew the fuse too. Because I did not take photos of the bulb as I binned it quickly, having two small children, I will not therefore get a refund.
becci brooks
becci brooks Reply to on 28 May 2014
This bulb is a great solution to having several pieces of kit and is better for your tort. However it's life is questionable. Mines popped in under 2 months, it's a 6 month guarantee- I am trying to get a replacement to know avail. Easier to buy locally, keep receipt and return if needed!
lmclean Reply to on 28 April 2016
This bulb arrived on 8th March 2016 and failed this morning, after only using it for a couple hours each day. At this price, I would have expected to get more than 51 days usage. I also order the Arcadia Ceramic Clamp Lamp at the same time. The bulb worked intermittently with this holder and I think that the connection was faulty. As a result, I was unable to use a timer. I am very disappointed with my purchase and concerned about ordering a new bulb to replace the one that has failed!
Emily West
Emily West Reply to on 26 February 2018
Works perfectly well for our tortoises’ table. Very warm, very bright and since swapping to this bulb our tortoises’ have become more lively and less sleepy
feph Reply to on 16 August 2013
Was seen on website recommended by The Tortoise Trust and is a great all in one UVA, UVB and heat lamp, my tortoise loves it and I feel assured knowing that he is receiving the correct lighting + heating ! This lamp is a little more expensive than others but is worth every penny, I would definitely recommend this lamp to anyone keeping tortoises indoors.
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