Dailyvideo Hoppa 47L Lightweight Shopping Trolley, Hard Wearing & Foldaway for Easy Storage with 3 Years Guarantee (Black Polka Dot):Dailyvideo
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Hoppa 47L Lightweight Shopping Trolley, Hard Wearing & Foldaway for Easy Storage with 3 Years Guarantee (Black Polka Dot):Dailyvideo

Hoppa Published in October 24, 2018, 1:12 am
 Hoppa 47L Lightweight Shopping Trolley, Hard Wearing & Foldaway for Easy Storage with 3 Years Guarantee (Black Polka Dot):Dailyvideo

Hoppa 47L Lightweight Shopping Trolley, Hard Wearing & Foldaway for Easy Storage with 3 Years Guarantee (Black Polka Dot):Dailyvideo

Price:£18.99+ Free shipping

Sharon Reply to on 5 February 2015
I bought one of these for myself as I was getting tired of lugging heavy shopping bags all over town. I can't believe that everyone doesn't use one. You can get loads in it. For me who lives by myself, I can get a whole week's grocery shopping and then some more too. I think people are put off by how it looks when someone younger uses one of these, but I don't care about this myself if it saves me arm strain. Also, they come in such lovely designs and colours.

I've now bought my mother one. She loves hers too. She had another sort of trolley that was pretty heavy when empty and not a good height to pull. She now uses this all the time and gets good comments from others when using it. The trolley is so lightweight when empty, you can lift it with one finger and It's easy to store.

There were a couple of reviews about the wheels and how one had come off. when you get the trolley it is flat packed. You have to put the wheels on yourself. This is really easy, but you must push them on firmly so that they 'click' in to place. I think that those who had a problems with the wheels, didn't do this.

Go ahead and get one. You won't regret it. I think trolley users are going to start a bit of a revolution - and in my opinion, this Hoppa is one of the best that you can buy at a really affordable price.
Kitty Reply to on 9 May 2017
I recently bought this trolley as I have had surgery and cannot carry heavy shopping. I honestly love the pattern but never thought I would use it! That was until I thought 'why not?' I am only in my early 40's but am not going to let embarrassment stop me from using this lovely spotty trolley and risk getting a hernia. I do get a few looks off young women (maybe they want one for themselves!) but honestly no one really cares. So, if you are thinking of buying one then just go for it. I can honestly say that even when I can go back to lifting heavy shopping again I am still going to use this trolley. It has been such a help and you can fit quite a lot into it too. The only thing I would suggest is don't overload it and if it gets too heavy push it instead of pulling as you may get back ache (like I did). It is well made and very sturdy, the wheels are strong too.

I bought the polka dot one which looks very cute but am now thinking about getting another design. I wish they would make a black one with little white hearts, that I would definitely get.

Yes, just get one. They are great :-)
Mrs D
Mrs D Reply to on 1 January 2017
Fantastic useful item! Hubby laughed at me when I asked for one for Christmas as he said they are for Granny's. He's very impressed having seen it in action, especially as it helps me so much as I've weak wrists and struggle to carry heavy bags. I've the red dotty one and it goes beautifully with my Cath Kidston handbag! Everyone should have one of these - they aren't just for grannies!
Muffin Reply to on 15 June 2017
I'm disabled and was spending a fortune in taxi fares so I caved and bought this after a friend recommended it to me. The trolley it's self is very light and the wheels are really easy to just clip on. I've used it a few times now with varying weight/shopping loads which I would have otherwise had to pay for a taxi to get back. It's almost paid for itself in a couple of shopping trips. It's safe to say this will be going almost everywhere with me! I love it
Lou Reply to on 15 January 2018
Think you might look silly with one but trust me you look even more stupid having to put your shopping bags down every 10 seconds because they are too heavy ;) Bought as a 24 year old student and this thing is great, sturdy and spacious, bought a little cool bag to sit in the bottom. Well worth the price I can fit all my shopping in it and walk 1 mile home again with little to no effort
vm1967 Reply to on 15 April 2018
This is a cheerful abd cheap shopping trolley. Unfortunately it was not suitable as the height listed was not the height of the frame but of the bag and the frame was not foldable in height Given my use of it was to pack it into a suitcase I had to claim a refund from the company which eventually I got after clarification wuth them of my issue over the course of about a week. To help you, the actual height is about 95cm and though the base cab be folded this does not reduce the height, nor width, only the depth. If you have no problems with this then I recommend it as its really cheerful and I was sad to not be able to use it for its intended purpose. The company kindly let me keep it to save on postage costs for its return and to save me the hassle and refunded me anyway so my friend benefitted from it as a gift from me! So not only is the product good if you dont mind its height but the company are also good.
Mrs Pepperpot
Mrs Pepperpot Reply to on 19 August 2017
Perfect for days out to the park or beach. I can get everything I need in it, including rounders sets, picnic blanket, food, football. It's easy to pull along and the wheels are nice and sturdy. My daughters both want to pull this along! I like the pattern and the small zipped pocket is great for smaller items. It fold flat for for storage. I worried about looking a bit granny but frankly, I don't care - I'm not struggling with a loads of stuff and think it looks modern and stylish!
Just a Girl reviewing stuff
Just a Girl reviewing stuff Reply to on 17 November 2017
At university I studied Textile Design and I needed something to carry all my sketchbooks/fabric/paint/studio snacks in. This is a BRILLIANT trolley with VERY sturdy wheels (accommodation didn't have a lift so I bumped this up and down three flights of concrete stairs a day for many many months) and a cute doggy print. I don't know what I would've done without it.

Edit: for anyone else needing one for long studio days, it can hold up to:
-Three A3 sketchbooks
-A LOT of paint/dyes
-Laptop with charger
-A couple of meters of fabric (neatly folded)
-Liter bottle of Dr Pepper
-Muffins/Crisps/General Snacks
-Pair of Slippers

Oh and its good for shopping too.
Biff Reply to on 10 May 2015
A lightweight value shopping trolley.

It arrives flat packed but is easy to set up. Basically just push the wheels on and unfold the trolley and you are ready to go.

The wheels push on very easily without the need for much pressure and seem very secure once they have clicked on.

Material of the bag itself is not as thick or robust as on my old trolley.

There is a small zip insert on the back for shopping lists and the like.
I told you not to hit turbo
I told you not to hit turbo Reply to on 1 June 2017
Nice trolley, very light weight but strong at the same time. Lots of space inside for all your shopping. It has a drawstring at the top under the flap and a small zip pocket on the back of the trolley. Oh and nice smooth wheels.
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