Dailyvideo PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed for Medium and Large Dogs, Grey (Slate Grey), Large (91x71cmx23cm):Dailyvideo
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PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed for Medium and Large Dogs, Grey (Slate Grey), Large (91x71cmx23cm):Dailyvideo

PetFusion Published in October 19, 2018, 11:33 am
 PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed for Medium and Large Dogs, Grey (Slate Grey), Large (91x71cmx23cm):Dailyvideo

PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed for Medium and Large Dogs, Grey (Slate Grey), Large (91x71cmx23cm):Dailyvideo

Coop Reply to on 31 October 2017
Hi my name is Murphy, I am a 12.5 year old black Labrador. My mum noticed that although I am remarkable for my age I was grumbling a bit as I lay down and a bit restless, despite already having a very good magnetic therapy bed. I had slowed up a little on my walks too. Mum decided some overtime was in order so she could treat me to a Human grade memory foam orthopaedic lounger. When it arrived I knew it was for me and I eagerly waited for it to be set up then I got in. I was sleeping deeply within minutes and I have a bigger spring to my step again. I have the XL as I am a big Labrador and this is plenty big enough. The headrest are an important feature as I like to use them a lot. I had a separate pillow on my old bed. I tell anyone who will listen about my bed and mum says it's the best money she ever spent. I have to agree. I LOVE IT. From Murphy.
James Reply to on 2 February 2017
My dyspraxic Irish Wolfhound puppy (yes, that IS a puppy!) and my equally clumsy Irish Wolfhound cross dog love these extra large beds so much that they don't spend half as much time bounding across the house, breaking things including pets of humans. The beds are ridiculously expensive but, according to my partner (who refused to let me take his photograph to put on Facebook while he was trying out the beds, for some reason), they are extremely comfortable. It also means we don't have to sit on the floor while the three dogs lie around on the sofas. Result!
Mrs Susan J Ruse
Mrs Susan J Ruse Reply to on 6 February 2017
Ordered Sunday afternoon hear Monday morning my dog got strate on the bed and I think it's clearly a winner !
tracy simpson
tracy simpson Reply to on 24 October 2017
lovely bed for my elderly boxer. Very supportive thick memory foam base and she loves the cushion roll at the top to rest her head on. I bought the large size for her after going through all the reviews and photographs and it fits her perfectly. very pleased with purchase
S. A. Baker
S. A. Baker Reply to on 11 September 2017
4 hours after arrival, our cats have done something they've not done in the previous decade: sleep on their own bedding!
Manthy Reply to on 13 September 2017
I bought this for my Malamute who has hip dysplacia. It is soooo comfy (as obviously I've had a go in it) I have 3 dogs and they all love it, but my malamute just seems to know it's for her. You get what you pay for and that is extreme quality.
My boys are now jealous though so looks like I will have to get 2 more! Even the cat has been caught on it.
I now don't worry about their comfort when I'm out at work.
Fabulous delivery & luxury.
Highly recommend.
Kamile Reply to on 22 March 2017
Both of my pets absolutely love this bed! Taco the pug immediately stretched out and started playing around as she always does when she's happy and comfortable. As soon as she left the bed Molly the cat completely occupied the bed, which I did not expect as she never showed any interest in pet beds. I am very satisfied with the purchase, but I'm afraid I'll have to buy another one if the pets don't share haha!
David Ellis
David Ellis Reply to on 7 October 2017
I bought the jumbo size bed for my very large Labrador. There is loads of room for him to stretch out and also room for his favourite very large stuffed toy. It is big enough for a normalish size person to lie on if they are curled up a bit.

He has had several attempts to dig in the bed with no sign of any wear or scratches. He has destroyed a leather sofa in the past so I'm impressed with how strong the cover is on the PetFusion bed.

The top cushion around the side is perfect for him to rest his head on. The memory foam base is very thick and seems to be comfortable. The base comes rolled up and vacuum packed. The instructions suggest putting the base inside the cover when it is still not back to full size - definitely worth doing.

It was a lot of money but it looks like it will last years and the dog loves it.
E. A. Jennings
E. A. Jennings Reply to on 13 June 2018
I have a 31kg, 12mth old Labrador, who has elbow dysplasia, and I wanted him to have a comfier bed than the one he had. I researched the products on AMAZON and found this bed, and both of us are extremely happy with this product . Puppy - put him self to bed earlier than he used to, and he just loves it, I am sure if he could talk he would say so! For me it wasn't the cheapest of beds but if fitted my list of requirements. First the size just fits the space i have available, it was also a size that suited the puppy. The raised bumper, keeps the draughts at bay and is a comfy head rest, the snores attest to the deep sleep he achieves! The memory foam mattress is firm, but not too firm and I think it does alleviate discomfort in his elbow. I have sat on the mattress and can confirm it is both comfortable and does return to shape immediately after getting up! The bed fits into the back of my car - so he now travels on long distances more comfortably. I have removed the mattress and the bumper linings and washed the out material, after he was quite poorly, it washed a treat, and the material didn't shrink, the internal pieces came out easily and were cleaned and dried (no odours, or stains remained) and when all was dry I was able to put it all back together quite easily. I would highly recommend this product, for the good quality material used, strong zippers, and also the quality of internal mattress and bumper. Would buy this product again without hesitation. I am so glad I found this bed for my pup, thank you.
megan Reply to on 26 September 2017
Bought the Jumbo size for our 10 year old 33 kilos lab to ease his Wobbler's syndrome (back and neck pain) and ageing hips. He loves it and so did our 2 year old Beagle. But as she got in, he would hop out - even thought there was plenty of space for both, so we just received the Large we ordered for her. Small would probably have been cosier but would not have allowed her to stretch. Will be buying the extra covers and blankets soon! How about making some matching cushions so they can be made 'smaller' for a change?
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