Dailyvideo Gaming Mouse, Rytaki R6 50 to 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mice, 19 Programmable Buttons, 12 Side Buttons,6 Adjustable DPI Levels, 4 Polling Rate, Weight Tuning Cartridge for PC, Black [18-Month Manufacturer's Warranty]:Dailyvideo
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Gaming Mouse, Rytaki R6 50 to 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mice, 19 Programmable Buttons, 12 Side Buttons,6 Adjustable DPI Levels, 4 Polling Rate, Weight Tuning Cartridge for PC, Black [18-Month Manufacturer's Warranty]:Dailyvideo

Rytaki Published in October 24, 2018, 12:48 am
 Gaming Mouse, Rytaki R6 50 to 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mice, 19 Programmable Buttons, 12 Side Buttons,6 Adjustable DPI Levels, 4 Polling Rate, Weight Tuning Cartridge for PC, Black [18-Month Manufacturer's Warranty]:Dailyvideo

Gaming Mouse, Rytaki R6 50 to 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mice, 19 Programmable Buttons, 12 Side Buttons,6 Adjustable DPI Levels, 4 Polling Rate, Weight Tuning Cartridge for PC, Black [18-Month Manufacturer's Warranty]:Dailyvideo

Price:£29.99+ Free shipping with Firmwarerom Prime

Merope Wellbeing
Merope Wellbeing Reply to on 18 June 2018
 This MOMO gaming mouse is full of fantastic features, My favourite feature would be its ability to program any macro and keyboard strokes you want for your best in game moves, Making all gaming moves that much faster and easier to initiate. With up to all 12 possible macros that can be saved and stored conveniently on the left side of the mouse, This is just a taster of what this amazing mouse can do!

It also has 2 extra left hand buttons for programming, The usual Scroll button, Page up and Page down, And many more features. It comes with something i have not ever seen in a MMO mouse before, And that is a neat set of weights that can be placed inside the mouse, Which helps to get the exact desired comfort and weight for the perfect gaming experience.

The LED colors on the mouse are gorgeous, And you can run through all the colors you can dream of, With fully customisable rainbow effect using the software disc provided. You can also quick switch the colors using the plus and minus button

The set also comes with spare pad stickers for the bottom of the mouse, And a highly intuitive and adaptable program software that allows you to customize of all aspects of the mouse you could ever dream of. from mouse sensitivity, Click speed, To Changing the colors on your mouse, And even simple to use profile tabs that the mouse preferences can be saved for each game you play.

This is truly a dream gaming tool, A Must have for the keen MMO player, I give this the the thumbs up for value and quality. With so many extras also included, This is definitely a great investment for the avid gamer who wants to use the best quality mouse, And be the best player.
Kento Reply to on 18 July 2018
Coming from a 12 button mouse so smooth, such that you could see your reflection, to this pro looking device was a bit strange and I had the feeling I was going to wear my hands down with sandpaper. After 3 days of use, however, if felt like I had wayyyyyyy more control and 6th sense of where the mouse was than my other one. It glides very nice after fiddling around with the DPI settings, and looks much slicker in person than in images.

The only requests I have only really have to do with software. The first one would be to have "profile switch" as a programmable option rather than having to always turn the mouse upside down. I don't need to use it often but it's a lot less accident-prone. The second one would be to customise the DPI colours. (The 3rd one would probs be to correct "Perofile" to "Profile" but that doesn't effect much of anything). Litterally that's everything bad about the software. Otherwise it looks pretty well layed out and stable.
Bhavik Reply to on 23 July 2018
Amzmaing mouse, Best gaming mouse I ever brought, really like it. It is very responsive as there is an optical sensor. The mouse has a lot of features that I like,

The mouse had 6 different DPI levels that I can use, which is the best thing for a gamer (like me) I just love this feature.

There are 14 MACRO Programmable Keys to be used, 12 on the side and 2 on the top. This feature is best for people like me as I use Macro keys a lot. They provide a software where you can program the keys, they provide the discs to install and a manual to follow instructions

I love the RGB lighting, there are serval different lighting styles that I can use.

The most interesting feature to me about this mouse is that the feature of adding weight/mass to the mouse, there are 8 weights provided by the mouse to add to the weight compartment, which I think is great as I can change the weight of the mouse to my preference.
MR R KABIR Reply to on 25 June 2018
Got this gaming mouse from Amazon cause I saw many raving reviews online. Package arrived earlier than expected and in excellent condition.

The mouse comes in a nice gift box style packaging, inside you have the actual mouse, driver disk, english manual and weight attachments. The mouse to play Fortnite on my Mac, guess it will be same for PC users too.

Altogether it has 17 programmable buttons (including the left, right click and the click on the mouse wheel). The body of the mouse feels coarse which gives it a great non slip hand feel. The usb cable is quiet long which allows the mouse to be used freely. There are two “+” and “-“ buttons which allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse pointer.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. All these buttons defiantly helped my gaming experience and skills to improve. A must have gaming mouse for any beginner to pro level gamer.
Biz Reply to on 20 July 2018
A very well built gaming mouse.

+ Textured mouse, helps if you get sweaty palms
+ Adjustable weights
+ Nicely balanced smooth scrolling wheel with just enough 'clickyness'
+ Sturdy braided cable
+ Easy adjustable sensitivity with +/- buttons
+ Easy to use software to add macros, change light settings and more.

- Difficult to find the rytaki software online, although a cd was included (who still uses CD's?)
- Was not able to change scroll wheel light colour as it seems to be based on the DPI that you're on.
For instance if I'm on 1600 DPI the scroll wheel will stay green regardless what I put the light colour to. Some people may find this useful but I find this annoying

All in all, if you're after a good quality gaming mouse  on a budget, this is the mouse for you!
Celine Reply to on 7 July 2018
Great gift for my hubby.when I hand over this mouse to him, he was really excited. Just like a little boy.
It's extremely comfy to use, from the rubber texture down to the ergonomic design, Its therapeutic to use its that nice... At its price point its an incredible buy!, its contenders are close to and over double the price of this!
Its wonderfully packaged and come with a set of spare feet which i was very pleased to see...
The side buttons are grate usual use in the OS also.all buttons have a satisfying click to them and you know you have pressed that button, the mouse wheel is nice with a rubber tread running the center of the wheel, it feels substantial and well built.
I honestly have nothing bad to say about this mouse, its very.. very nice... impressed..Very impressed!!
Liam Reply to on 29 August 2018
I deciced to upgrade my mouse when my corsair m90 started double scrolling. I considered going with another one similar but decided to have a look for a budget mouse and found this.

The specs on it are excellent 16,000 dpi which makes it really responsive and its adjustable too which is handy. There is a shed load of buttons which are great for keybindings and they all work exceptionally well when using the software.

The mouse itself looks great and looks on par with some of the more expensive brands, it is also super comfortable to use and even when being used for a long period of time my hand doesn't get sore or cramped.

A great buy for the price and loads of buttons to bind!
GooDLucK Reply to on 29 August 2018
Great weight (Weight of mouse can be adjusted to personal use. I personally use all weight turning cartridge to give the mouse a sturdy feel while using it) and easy access thumb keys depending on the size of your hand.

I love the ability to set what all 6 DPI settings are, and that I can have different profiles.

Used mouse comfortably for hours with no aches. Works as a hybrid gaming and everyday mouse for me.

Given that most mouse I have used back up due to heavy usage, I especially like that this mouse comes with 18-Month manufacturer's warranty which says a lot about the manufacturer confidence in the product :)
Olli Reply to on 21 July 2018
I needed an affordable new mouse after my razer mmo mouse died, I really didn't want to spend £100 on a new mouse and I'm please try surprised how good this mouse is.

Fits perfect in my hand, there are so many programmable buttons perfect if you love MMOs like World of Warcraft.

The buttons are slightly closer together than the razer so will take abit of getting used to but once you get used to having so many buttons right next to your thumb it makes things so much easier.
Soundwave Reply to on 30 August 2018
I bought this mouse hoping that it will make video editing easier but I got so much more. Its very comfortable because it has a space for resting your ring finger, the surface has a special design for a better grip and you can add or remove the weights inside the mouse so it can fit your preferences.i can't find any flaws or downsides. Its just perfect. And the value you get for your money is great
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