Dailyvideo Vinsani [16 PCS] Childrens Kids Pretend Play Shopping Cart and Grocery Food Trolley:Dailyvideo
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Vinsani [16 PCS] Childrens Kids Pretend Play Shopping Cart and Grocery Food Trolley:Dailyvideo

Vinsani Published in October 24, 2018, 1:11 am
 Vinsani [16 PCS] Childrens Kids Pretend Play Shopping Cart and Grocery Food Trolley:Dailyvideo

Vinsani [16 PCS] Childrens Kids Pretend Play Shopping Cart and Grocery Food Trolley:Dailyvideo

Price:£14.99+ Free shipping

Amarjit Reply to on 23 October 2017
I was extremely happy with the service from this company. I had placed an order for a kids play trolley, this was a present for my little nephew who recently learnt to walk and turned 1 years of age. When the trolly was delivered, there were parts missing like the front two wheels and all of the accessories...pretend food cartons etc...when I contact the company about this via email, they were very prompt in acknowledging their error, within a couple of days, a brand new trolly with all the parts included was delivered to my nephew ! We didn’t even have to return the old one.

Very pleased with this service! Will definitely place an order again. My nephew was thrilled with a working trolly!!
Gemma Reply to on 18 November 2017
Out of all the trolleys for my son, this was the best one for price and quality but this is the hardest thing Ive had to build for something so simple. The instructions are black and white so hard to understand which certain way things go and which place, If you do part wrong its hard to fix because its tight but then again thats maybe good thing as its sturdy. The food is half english and foreign, don’t understand that. The sticker is much smaller but doesnt bother me. The yellow bit under trolley I read review where someone said it comes out but mine doesnt. I received it broken and had it returned for another, good service and no problems to which received it broken again but didnt want to send it back and after it was built did not affect any part of the trolley. So overall I would recommend for the sturdiness and price.
sackvillemum Reply to on 22 January 2018
My 15 month old grandchild loves this little trolley. Hours of fun at Nana's house . Once put together it is quite sturdy though grandad found assembly a challenge. I have not used the little boxes yet but purchased some pretend fruit. However all sorts of toys get put in and out of the trolley. Would deffently recommend to others if you're happy to pretend play for hours which I am.
Zoe Cooper
Zoe Cooper Reply to on 1 December 2017
Bought this shopping trolley as I’d bought one from Toys R Us and my daughter could pull it apart and put the screws in her mouth. The instructions that come with this trolley are rubbish so my advice would be make sure you’ve got pieces in the right way round!! I put one of the pieces in up side down and had an absolute nightmare getting it back out. But I can confirm my little girl can’t get any pieces apart! It’s a great trolley although the shopping that comes with it are only cardboard boxes so I’m glad I already had the plastic food from the Toys R Us trolley, I have since seen you can just buy the plastic shopping from Smyths so it’s not a bad price to buy this and then the extra shopping if you wish. Delivery was quick too.
j r kirby
j r kirby Reply to on 26 July 2018
lovely bright tough little cart my grandaughter loves it. the boxes of play food are really for an older child and i have put them away till shes past the ripping up stage. it was a bit hard on the fingers to put together but that is what makes it tough. i had a defective wheel axle but this was rectified by the seller without a problem, would recommend
rebecca archer
rebecca archer Reply to on 28 December 2016
Very pleased with this trolley. Was very easy and quick to put together. The 'shopping' needs to be put together, which was unexpected, however it is also very simple to put together. The sticker for the side of the trolley is a lot smaller than advertised, it doesn't fill the side like it shows in the picture. However it does not affect my son's enjoyment of the toy, so it isn't a problem.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 29 June 2018
It arrived before the estimated date. You have to put it together, but this was not difficult. It is sturdy and my 16month old goddaughter loves it. My only concern with it is the handle which is made in two halves (lenthways) which has left two seams that are a bit rough as it has not been sealed. I would recommend this to anyone.
Doc Reply to on 10 July 2017
Very nice. Suitable for 1-3 year olds
Emma Reply to on 18 April 2018
Bought this for my wee boy at his granny's house as the 2 girls both have prams. He is a sturdy typical 2 year old boy with lots of energy and this is perfect for him!! the stuff inside is rubbish quality but he just wanted the cart anyway.
mave Reply to on 9 March 2018
A lovely shopping trolley - it was built by my son so no problems there. The twins love it and put in the fruit and veg I bought separately. The boxes did not last any time at all so were a waste of paper really.
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