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Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind:Dailyvideo

Yuval Noah Harari
Yuval Noah Harari Published in September 18, 2018, 5:33 pm
 Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind:Dailyvideo

Sapiens A Brief History of Humankind:Dailyvideo


russavis Reply to on 13 October 2016
The book does not tell you anything which is not open knowledge or researchable if you so choose. What it does do is paint a graphic image of what we were, are and may become. It is both informative and intuitive, it gives you information which creates more questions than it provides answers. It is this thought provoking style which keeps you reading and I believe the masses are blind to such ideological, sociological, political and ethical realities. It is easy to see the comparisons between this and guns, germs and steel and yet it is different enough to keep you interested and expand on those things Diamond only briefly touched upon. All in all a fantastic read.
Ying Reply to on 10 July 2018
The author presents deep insights without sounding pretentious or over opinionated. I find the part on imagined reality particularly pertinent to our times. Sadly the part on gender norm is ridiculously short, I can't believe the author doesn't have tons of opinions on it but he seems to reserve it to himself.
Teresa Iglesias
Teresa Iglesias Reply to on 5 November 2017
Many other people have had their opinions on this MASTERPIECE... In fact I would also say it is AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ!!!!! If you are open enough to take some harsh realities about our world and its people, including myself ....
J. S-S
J. S-S Reply to on 17 September 2017
The book is utterly fascinating and I'd highly recommend it. While not my normal read, I'm finding the information thoroughly interesting and it's making me think through daily decisions with a little different direction. A must read!
Claire Reply to on 27 August 2017
A brilliant look at how we got to where we are today backed up by excelĺent research and thought provoking passages. We have no idea where our journey is headed and likely never planned to be where we are. It will more than likely end badly.
Toast Reply to on 12 August 2016
Everyone thinks they know the history of our species. Cave men, neanderthals progressing to agriculture through to cities, countries and empires.

But you haven't heard the story of our species told like this before.

Insightfully combining science with history, economics with psychology and sociology, facts with solid analysis.

I can honestly say that Yuval Noah Harari has changed my view of myself and other homo sapiens forever.
irene melia
irene melia Reply to on 4 November 2014
Brilliant. Please read all of you out there. Well worth it. Brilliantly researched. Massive scope. Deeply moral perspective. Respectful. Conscientious and brave laying bare in front of us what we have done to our earth, each other and those fellow creatures we share our earth with - our human animals, all other species beside homo sapiens. We need to take stock. Not a battering ram. A presented picture of human behavior through time. And that time is running short if we don't take heed. A critic has accused of being over simply written. I reject this accusation. The massive range, intellect and nature of material content had to be presented in this format for the general reader to understand and appreciate. It is excellently written in a very accessible style.
GT1999 Reply to on 1 September 2018
Thought proving, good construct and understandable. A condensed analysis of how we got here and gives a sense of the acceleration of progress that has come about in the last 500 years. Left with a feeling that the author believes that our capabilities will not be matched by our ability to control. Surely the only thing we can say is that it will be different in the future and it will be different, more often
JH Reply to on 1 August 2017
Thought provoking book, I can see why this was recommended by Bill Gates as worth a read. Sets human culture into the reference frame of all of pre-history, and dares to think afresh about concepts such as finance, religion, human rights.
Old Timer
Old Timer Reply to on 3 December 2017
Well it seemed to start off great but (for me) it went a bit fall asleep and I have only managed 30% so far. Maybe I`ll pick it up again and have another try but it wasn`t a go to for me.
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